All felonies and misdemeanors

Including DUI, Domestic Violence, Sex Offenses, Homicide, Drug Offenses, Assault, Theft


Pre-file Investigation

Charges may be filed by the government in a number of different ways.  One way is when the prosecution performs an investigation and then files a complaint and information or obtains a grand jury indictment.  Fast action can make a big difference in whether charges are filed if you are under investigation for an alleged crime.  You should contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible if you have any suspicion that you are being investigated.

Pending Charges

Thomas Cantley can handle all aspects of a criminal case from the time charges are filed until jury trial, and if necessary, sentencing.  In a felony proceeding, you may be arrested by probable cause without a warrant after which the district attorney may or may not file charges.  Other times, charges have already been filed and you may be arrested on a warrant that has been issued.  There are a variety of hearings which may occur during pending criminal proceedings - bond hearings, protection order hearings, a preliminary hearing to determine probable cause, arraignment, motions hearings, subpoena hearings, pre-trial conferences, and jury trials.  Misdemeanors proceed in a similar but simplified fashion.  Thomas Cantley has a wealth of experience handling cases with pending charges.  He has secured dismissals, suppression wins, favorable plea agreements, and is not afraid to go to trial if necessary.

Trial Services

Thomas Cantley has a history of proven results at trial.  Thomas approaches any pending case with an eye toward a possible trial.  Thomas Cantley has conducted an estimated 30+ trials.  For more information, see the results page.

Direct Appeals

Not all trials are conducted perfectly.  Some errors made during trial may entitle you to relief on appeal.  In addition to trials, other actions in the trial court maybe appealed.  Appeals are important because they give you an immediate basis to challenge a conviction or other action, and they provide a check on judges who exercise their discretion inappropriately or who make errors which impact the fundamental fairness of the proceedings.  A skilled trial lawyer is also important to an appeal - whether or not your lawyer objects to the error may determine whether you win the appeal.  Appeals require an in depth understanding of the law, including its history, its varying interpretations, and they require excellent writing skills.  Thomas Cantley not only possesses these qualities, but also has the trial experience so that when he goes to trial, he is already trying to win a possible appeal.


Post-conviction work encompasses many different types of work.  Most commonly post-conviction work refers to an attempt to invalidate a prior conviction which may have been obtained by unlawful or improper means.  Other times post-conviction work may involve an action to modify a sentence.  Probation conditions may be modified, sentences to incarceration may be modified or reduced, and sentences to community corrections can also be reduced.  Additional forms of post-conviction relief include motions to a withdraw a plea prior to sentencing, challenges to disciplinary proceedings in correctional facilities, and actions to help persons get released who have been committed to mental institutions but who are no longer a danger to themselves in the reasonably foreseeable future.

Collateral Consequences

The most significant collateral consequences which might come from a criminal case include immigration consequences, loss of a driver's license or professional license, loss of housing or government assistance, and harm to reputation.  Thomas Cantley makes sure to stay abreast of all relevant legal implications as well as practical implications which might be raised by a criminal case.  Many collateral consequences can be avoided prior to a conviction, while others may need work post-conviction.  Thomas Cantley can help you seal criminal records, petition to remove yourself from the sex offender registry, and can ensure that you are not convicted of an offense that results in adverse immigration consequences.  Mr. Cantley can also help you reinstate your driver's license, avoid occupational consequences, and can petition the Court for a variety of other forms of collateral relief.

Engagement Retainers

This service is most appropriate for public figures, businesses which conduct lawful activities but who have legal compliance concerns, and reform groups who may fear retaliation for exercise for their constitutional rights, such as First Amendment rights.  Please see our section on Fees for more information.