With Cantley, the client comes first

Choose a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced, skilled, and loyal to you, and who is not afraid to challenge the government and its public officials.  

By specializing in criminal law, K. Thomas Cantley (bar # 47604) provides a superior service to a general practice.  Thomas Cantley dedicates 100% of his practice to criminal law, which includes navigating investigations before charges are filed, defense of pending charges, appeal, post-conviction proceedings, and criminal justice records sealing.  Thomas Cantley has handled over a thousand criminal cases, and has successfully defended charges ranging from petty offenses to serious felonies, obtaining dismissals, acquittals at trial, and favorable negotiation and sentencing outcomes.  Thomas has also won on appeal, and successfully sealed criminal records.  

Thomas Cantley's law practice is designed to provide an excellent service to its clients.  With Cantley, you get the attorney you pay for, instead of a junior associate working for the named partner at a large firm.  Thomas Cantley, formerly a Senior Deputy State Public Defender, has had more clients and handled more jury trials than many practitioners of any age who have only ever been in private practice.  There is no substitute for this experience - the vast majority of criminal cases are handled by court-appointed counsel, and Thomas handled roughly 100 felony cases at any one time at the end of his tenure.  Thomas Cantley has handled tough cases, and knows that you often have to fight to get good results.  Thomas has won acquittals in DUI cases, Domestic Violence cases, Sex Offenses, and crimes of violence including Murder. 

With Cantley, the client comes first.  A defender to the core, Thomas Cantley founded the firm to do what he loves - helping people, and checking the government.  Lawyering is a service profession, which should be done according to a high standard of practice.  With his own firm, Thomas Cantley can control his caseload to focus his efforts on a smaller number of clients, ensuring that they receive the best representation possible. 

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