Information about fees

All major forms of payment including cash, credit/debit card, and check are accepted. 

Hourly Retainers

In most circumstances, Thomas Cantley recommends an hourly retainer agreement to provide the most accurate balance between the work performed on your case and the services you receive.  In this agreement, an agreed upon retainer is placed in a trust account, and you are not billed until after services are provided to you.  The amount of the retainer is based on a estimate for the amount of work required in the case.  At the conclusion of the case, any remaining money from the retainer is refunded to you.  

Flat Fees

A "flat fee" is a fee for a defined, specified, and usually limited service.  Under a flat fee arrangement, you agree to pay a fixed amount, regardless of the time or effort ultimately required by the lawyer.  A flat fee remains in a trust account and is not billed to you until the services are completed.  Because the tasks necessary for your effective representation depend on the individual, variable features of a case, Thomas Cantley typically reserves flat fees for easily definable tasks, such as a petition to seal your criminal record, or minor traffic matters.