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K. Thomas Cantley, Esq.

Thomas Cantley is a criminal law specialist who serves the greater metro Denver area and Colorado's front range.  Thomas Cantley can handle pending charges, investigations, jury trials, appeals, post-conviction, and criminal records sealing / expungement.  

Thomas Cantley is a trial lawyer and an appellate lawyer who has experience handling serious felony offenses like homicide and sex offenses, as well as misdemeanor and traffic offenses.  Thomas has won acquittals in jury trials lasting from a day to multiple weeks, and in cases charging DUI/DWAI, domestic violence, sex offenses, and crimes of violence including First Degree Murder.  Thomas has given multiple trainings on DUI cases focusing on subjects like chemical testing and the scientific literature on marijuana impairment.  Thomas has also authored numerous appellate briefs and has obtained reversal of conviction on appeal.

Thomas Cantley is not afraid to challenge the government, and will work aggressively to protect your liberty and constitutional rights.  If you're charged with DUI, domestic violence, theft, assault, a sex offense, or even murder, then Cantley can handle your case.  Contacting a good criminal defense attorney is essential when the government accuses you of a crime.


Thomas Cantley is a criminal defense attorney with the experience to handle any kind of criminal case, including Assault, Controlled Substances, Criminal Appeals, Criminal Records Sealing / Expungement, Domestic Violence, DMV, Drug Offenses, DUI, Firearms, Fraud, Harassment, Homicide, Murder, Post-Conviction, Sexual Assault, Sex Offenses, Theft, Traffic, White Collar Crime